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ChargeLogic is the leading provider of PCI-compliant solutions integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, including products that provide secure payment processing, e-commerce, and shipping solutions.


Credit Card and Payment Processing for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

ChargeLogic’s approach to easy, secure, and reliable electronic payment processing helps you stay focused on your business. Built on an encrypted web services platform and completely integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision), users can easily enter data for authorization. Charges are automatically settled when sales orders are shipped or when a retail sale is completed. See how it works!


For LS Retail with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, use standard tender types to accept electronic payments. ChargeLogic comes fully functional for credit cards, PIN pads, signature capture, check imaging, check verification, and check conversion.


ChargeLogic Connect, a cloud-based service, offers true e-commerce integration for Microsoft Dynamics NAV.


ChargeLogic Connect – The Only PCI Validated Gateway Exclusively for Microsoft Dynamics NAV


ChargeLogic Connect is a PCI-validated payment gateway integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and offers NAV customers a better way to integrate ChargeLogic with e-commerce solutions.

ChargeLogic Connect eliminates the need to settle via an external gateway and enables settlement directly with the payment processor. Direct settlement greatly reduces the possibility for incorrect amounts or duplicate transactions and ensures all amounts are correct. It also provides Level II and Level III credit card qualification, authorized amount adjustment, and time-based reauthorization, which ultimately saves merchants from fees because of downgraded transactions.


Additional benefits of ChargeLogic Connect include:

  1. Dynamics NAV batch postings, maintenance periods, and downtime no longer impact real-time web-based credit card authorizations
  2. ChargeLogic Connect eliminates a bevy of potential security, reliability, and performance issues because it acts as a rendezvous point, rendering direct web-to-NAV communications unnecessary
  3. ChargeLogic Connect is able to transport customer credit card data from the web into Dynamics NAV in a secure and PCI-compliant manner.


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